Alaska Fishing

When the word “fishing” comes to mind, the word “Alaska” is often close behind.

Come and enjoy the Alaska fishing experience, with incredible ocean fishing, fresh water, or fly fishing in the many streams and lakes that make Alaska a fisherman’s paradise. World class King SalmonSilver SalmonHalibut, and many other species are abundant all over the state await you.

One of the most attractive parts of the state for fishing is southeast Alaska, primarily Ketchikan. Ketchikan Alaska is home to some the state’s best fresh water and sea water fishing, featuring Salmon of all varieties, Halibut, Red Snapper, and other bottom fish. Situated conveniently near the ocean and fresh water you are just minutes away from awesome fishing no matter which direction you go.

alaska fishing lodgesNo matter where you go make sure you find a fishing lodge that will provide you with first class service, expert guides, and ability to pack and ship your catch. Check out our Alaska Fishing information for more details on fishing lodges, peak fishing season by species, maps, activities and much more.

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