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That being said, you will have a lot more fun fishing with the right gear. And unlike other hobbies and activities, the results of fishing can make up for any money you spend on the equipment. You can save a few bucks by feasting on your catch.

Before we start, it’s essential to understand the term ‘angling’ since, in a lot of cases, it’s used interchangeably with fishing. Fishing is a broad term, which simply means catching fish, by whichever means, you have to learn several things and be prepared with equipment and clothing, here you can view more about how to get ready for your fishing trip at sea.

Angling is a specific type of fishing that is done with a hook, line, and fishing rod. It’s in contrast to other methods of catching fish like using a net, spear-fishing, and bow-fishing. Angling is the most common type, and as a beginner, this is what you will be (or should be) doing.

The most common type of recreational fishing is freshwater fishing. Especially for people who don’t live in or near a coastal area.

There are about 250 large lakes and over 250,000 rivers in the USA, as well as a vast number of ponds and streams. These water bodies help millions of Americans engage in freshwater fishing.

Freshwater fishing is the easiest to learn, and a fisher may learn and perfect several fishing techniques and methods when learning to fish in freshwater bodies. Despite the smaller size, lakes, rivers, and ponds can hold a wide variety of fish species and sizes.

For fishing beginners, freshwater might prove a better starting point, especially if you are starting on your own. Usually, recreational fishing in freshwater isn’t done using fishnets.

You will need simple enough gear for freshwater fishing: a fishing rod, reel, line, baits, lures, and hooks. Most of these are a one-time purchase, and for baits, you can use worms and small insects found in your backyard or around the lake you are fishing in.