Alaskan Fishing Tours


Ketchikan, Alaska Fishing Tours

Self guided fishing also available! Southeast Alaska’s vast, unspoiled landscape and natural beauty attracts visitors from all over the world but it is the incredible fishing that brings anglers flocking for an unforgettable vacation adventure. Got your sea-legs? Experience Alaska from the seaside! Take in the myriad sights of the Passage by ferry, cruise ship, private charter, or bring your own craft! Year-round service is provided by the Alaska Marine Highway, for passengers and vehicles both. To get the best spaces, make your reservations in advance. For a truly intimate tour of Southeast Alaska, bring your own canoe, bicycle, or kayak. Don’t worry about having to walk; car rental is found all along the Passage. If you arrive in your own boat, verify mooring in advance with the local visitors bureau. And where you find plentiful bait you’re sure to find hungry predators! In the Spring and early Summer, migrating King Salmon from all over the west coast gorge themselves on this abundant food supply before returning to their home streams to spawn. Following the king salmon season, pinks, chums, silvers, and sockeye all make their way through the region on their way to spawn. And when the salmon are moving through, halibut and other bottom fish move into shallower waters to take advantage of the additional food. Enjoy the great fishing through a Alaska Fish Tour. Each fisherman is required to possess an Alaska Fishing License and a King Salmon Stamp while fishing in the state. Licenses and stamps are available at the Silverking Lodge.