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Fishing in Alaska’s Inside Passage

Southeast Alaska:

fishing in alaskaSoutheast Alaska Fishing Lodge The five hundred mile stretch of Southeast Alaska is known as the Inside Passage. The Inside Passage is home to Alaska’s government and the site of her timber industry. The Tlingit, Tsimshian and Haida have been carving a living out of this rugged but beautiful area for many centuries. The Inside Passage arguably offers the best fishing in Alaska. The Inside Passage is generally considered the warmest region in Alaska, due to the warm water and precipitation that comes off of the Gulf of Alaska. For everyone who visits the Southeast, there is one cardinal rule to observe: always have your slicker at hand! It is also advisable to keep your Alaska tennis shoes (rubber boots) handy. Ketchikan receives approximately one hundred fifty inches of precipitation each year, which is nearly ten times the amount received by Anchorage. Temperatures usually are moderate during the summer months.

While visiting the Inside Passage, one should make every effort visit the fantastic Tongass National Forest. The Tongass National Forest, established in 1907, is an immensely large swath of Alaskan wilderness, covering nearly seventeen million acres of land. Included within the Tongass National Forest is Chugagch National Forest. Perhaps the most recognized aspect of the Tongass National Forest is the Misty Fjords monument, a beautiful stretch of land covered by pine and spruce, and punctuated by soaring cliffs carved over thousands of years by ancient glaciers. Every type of outdoor activity imaginable is accessible here; hiking, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, snowmobiling, skiing, birding, and river tours. Juneau is the largest city in the Southeast region, and the capital of Alaska. Juneau was founded in 1880, one of many towns created from frontier gold mining sites. In 1900 Juneau was officially designated as the state’s capital. In 1912 the state legislature came to roost here. The only feasible ways to arrive at Juneau are by boat or plane. During the summer, thousands of tourists flood Juneau as they stop off on their cruise tours. Many of these tourists enjoy visiting the salmon hatcheries and fisheries. Some events worth watching for are the Gold Rush Days, Fourth of July celebration, and the Golden North Salmon Derby.

The Inside Passage : Nexus of Outdoor Adventure The Alaskan Inside Passage is the premiere destination for those who enjoy idyllic scenery and nonstop fun. The Inside Passage can be reached through a collection of waterways, byways, skyways and highways, every one an adventure in and of itself. The Northern and Southern tips of the Passage are accessible by highway, for those of you traveling by automobile.

Want to view the sights by water? The Alaska Marine Highway System runs ferries daily, as well as many private cruise ship operators who offer special travel itineraries, ranging from conventional tours to the exceptionally adventurous excursions. If you prefer to get a birds-eye view, board one of the many private and commercial flights available. But to experience the Passage to its fullest, we suggest going by land, sea and air.

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